Secretary General

Natalia Roman

Natalia is a Diploma Programme student in High School number 3 in Gdynia. She has been an active member of the Polish MUN scene, as well as the Dutch one during her year spent in United World College Maastricht. In total she has attended 8 MUN conferences. Her favorite committee to participate in is the Human Rights Council. She was chosen to be the Secretary General of Tricity Model United Nations due to her amazing organization skills, unparalleled experience and dedication. Apart from MUNs, Natalia is passionate about psychiatry and neuroscience, which she is planning to study in the future. It is her pleasure to be the Secretary General of TriMUN 2019 and she hopes to see you all in March.

President of the General Assembly

Jan Ogonowski

Jan is an IB student in Gdynia Bilingual High School no. 3. As he is not from Tricity, he has only learned about existence of MUNs in early 2018. Despite that, TriMUN 2019 will be his 10th conference. His favourite committees are the Historical Security Council, where he has won two Best Delegate Awards and the International Court of Justice, where he has won two Honourable Mention Awards. Moreover, he is known for his extraordinary passion for Rules of Procedure, so if you have any questions regarding them during the conference, do not hesitate to approach him. Personally, he is a fan of Robert F. Kennedy and Charles I of Austria.

Deputy Secretary General

Daria Duda

Daria is an IB Diploma Programme student, international law enthusiast and great admirer of poetry. As a fierce human rights advocate, she finds MUN initiative particularly important and worth spreading.TriMUN 2019 will be her 6th conference and she is more that happy to share her experience and enthusiasm. 
She was chosen for the position of Deputy Secretary General since her naturally strong personality, organizational skills and tendency to always carry painkillers make her fully qualified to ensure that the upcoming conference is perfectly enjoyable. 
As for personal approach to MUNs, she lives by a quote she's once heard from a far more experienced participant: 'Your MUN friends are the closest thing you can get to a family: first you fight them, then you cry over your ex to them'. Having that in mind, she promises to do everything in her power to make you feel at home in Tricity in March.

Deputy Secretary General

Sonia Andrzejuk

Sonia is an International Baccalaureate student of 3rd High School in Gdynia. She has a very rich experience related to Model United Nations, having attended six conferences as a delegate and two as a chairperson. During her journey she has won 2 awards— for the Best Judge in ICJ and Best Delegate at her former school St. Clare's MUN in Oxford. She constantly strives to challenge her skills by participation in university-level MUNs such as London International MUN. She has been chosen to become the Deputy Secretary General due to her great commitment to MUN, open-mindedness and sociable nature. Apart from MUN she enjoys social sciences such as economics and psychology, especially the economics-related sides such as heuristics and framing. She is a passionate reader in fields such as economics and finance, overwhelmed and captivated by the City of London. Her interests include also art and travelling.

USG for Finance

Igor Chmieliński

Igor is a student from 3rd High School in Gdynia. During this year's edition of TriMUN he will be USG for Finance. Igor is friendly, willing to help others, and enjoys cooperation and teamwork very much. After participating in TriMUN 2018, he wanted to organize the next edition of the conference. His passions include obviously economics, especially trade policy, basketball and listening to good music. Igor hopes to see you all in March 2019.

USG for Logistics

Agata Reise

Agata Reise is a student of the IB Diploma Programme in High School no.3 in Gdynia. She has just recently began her MUN journey as a delegate during the GDNMUN conference. She likes to help other which is why she has decided to contribute in organising the next year’s edition of TriMUN conference. Agata is friendly and loves meeting new people. Her favourite activities include singing, dancing and watching Netflix.

USG for Delegate Service

Agnieszka Putyrska

Agnieszka is an IB Diploma Programme student in 3rd High School in Gdynia. She is a very enthusiastic person who loves organising events and always has her hands full. It is no different in case of TriMUN 2019 where she took on the responsibilities of USG for Delegate Service and will do everything she can to ensure that the conference is as enjoyable for all of you as possible. She is hard-working, charismatic and, above all, open for new initiatives. Agnieszka immensely enjoys participating in discussions, especially on subjects related to politics and social problems. Her other interests focus mainly on literature, especially poetry. She really likes working with people and forming new friendships and just can’t wait to meet you all in March 2019.

USG for Design and Promotion

Adrianna Radłowska

Adrianna is a student of 3rd High School in Gdynia. Although she has attended only one MUN, there is no such a jack of all trades like Ada when it comes to design. With the experience of being a part of staff during festivals such as Gdynia Design Days or contributing to the Bankowiec Mini Museum, she took the role of photographer and graphic designer and created a wonderful team of passionate filmmakers, IT specialists and assistants which she manages as USG for Design and Promotion. With her tiny beloved camera in one hand and laptop in another, she is fighting her way to provide you with the best aesthetic experience of the upcoming TriMUN. Apart from the artsy stuff, she is an architecture fanatic and a keen amateur rugby player. She also has an unexplainable affection for Celtic culture and progressive rock.

Venue Director

Anna Dałek

Anna is an International Baccalaureate student in 3rd High School in Gdynia. She has attended two MUNs so far and, having enjoyed both of them immensely, she is absolutely planning on attending more in the future. She is a very organized, friendly and open-minded person, who is always willing to help others. Apart from MUN, her interests revolve around languages, modern history and sports. She is looking forward to seeing you all in March and hopes that TriMUN 2019 will be unforgettable.

Media Director

Jakub Wiśniewski

Jakub Wiśniewski is an IB student in 3rd High School in Gdynia. He has attended several MUN conferences and actively participated in all of them, even earning an Outstanding Delegate award for his debating skills in the HRC committee. He is very passionate about MUNs and that’s why he has decided to take part in the organizational process of TriMUN 2019 as Media Director. He chose to manage social media because he is knowledgeable about the subject and is hopeful to gain some more experience in this area of event management. Apart from MUNs, he loves cooking and playing golf.

Event Director

Joanna Cegielska

Joanna is an International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme student in 3rd High School in Gdynia. She is hard-working, adventurous, amiable and willing to help others. She was chosen to become Event Director during this year’s edition of TriMUN. In her spare time, Joanna enjoys dancing hip-hop, playing a ukulele and travelling. She is extremely happy to be organizing this year’s TriMUN edition and cannot wait to see you all in March!

Page King

Jan Cygan

Jan is an IB Diploma Programme student in 3rd High School in Gdynia. He is very passionate about organising MUNs and working with pages. Thanks to his collaborative and leadership skills Page King is the best position for him in the TriMUN 2019 Secretariat. Apart from MUN, his main passions are geography, linguistics and travelling. Jan hopes to work with this year’s pages as efficiently as possible to provide all the delegates with serivce of the highest quality.